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NissanNissan Check Engine Light Answers

This page will list all the Check Engine Light questions and answers asked of us pertaining to Nissan vehicles. Some Nissan models include Sentra, Maxima, 350Z, Titan.

2001 Nissan SentraQuestion: hi i have the P0304 code on my nissan sentra 2001;but i dont know what does it mean.please can anybody explain to me. thanks. - Jawad, January 2009

Answer: Hi Jawad. A P0304 code means Cylinder #4 Misfire. Cylinder #4 on your car is the right-most cylinder when you open the hood (the one on the driver's side). To fix it you'll want to start with the basics - check the spark plug and wire. If the car has it's original spark plugs and wires it wouldn't hurt anything to just replace them all. If that's not an option, at least change that one spark plug & wire at cylinder #4. Clear the code, if it returns you'll need to look at other things such as the fuel injector, etc. Here's an article for further reading - P0304 - Good luck.

2005 Nissan SentraQuestion: Nissan Sentra 2005 p1217 - Ed, October 2008

Answer: This P1217 code description on Nissans is Engine coolant over temperature condition. Possible causes include a failed coolant fan, coolant hoses, thermostat, radiator, coolant temperature switch, and associated wiring & connections. It could be any one or a combination of those items so a proper diagnosis is in order. Good luck!

2005 Nissan SentraQuestion: Left gas cap loose & it triggered check engine light on 2005 Nissan Sentra. how do i reset it? Keith - September, 2008

Answer: Hi Keith. You have a few options of reseting the light. The light should go out on it's own after a number of successful starts provided the gas cap was the problem. I know that AutoZone reads codes for free, you could stop by there and ask them to read your code and clear it. As well, you could also disconnect your car's battery for 15 - 30 minutes, but I don't recommend that method. That method will result in you losing your radio presets and could potentially cause much worse side effects (think security system, etc.). The other method is for you to get your hands on an OBD-II code reader (either buy one or borrow one) and use it to reset the code yourself.

Keep in mind that if there are any additional problems with the EVAP system such as a leak, it could trigger the check engine light again. But it sounds like you've figured out what's wrong so you should be good to go. Thanks for the Nissan question!