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Toyota Engine Light Codes2001 Toyota Avalon - Multiple DTC Codes


2001 Toyota Avalon The check engine light is on on my 2001 Toyota Avalon with trouble codes p0110, p0100, and p1135. My repair man said I can fix only code p1135 to get the light off and then I can go through inspection and then get the others fixed on payday in three weeks is that true?

Yvonne from Irvington, NJ


Hi Yvonne. First off let me explain the codes. A P0110 code is Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor 1 Circuit. Basically that means that there is a problem with the wiring and/or connectors leading to the IAT sensor, or the IAT sensor itself has failed. In rare cases the ECM may have failed. That shouldn't be too hard to diagnose with the proper service manual.

A P0100 code is Mass or Volume Air Flow "A" Circuit. Same as the other code but this time it's talking about the MAF sensor.

The P1135 code on your Toyota Avalon is Air fuel ratio sensor - heater circuit malfunction. Basically the problem there will be with the air/fuel ratio sensor (on other vehicles it is refered to as an O2 oxygen sensor), or the wiring/connectors leading to it. It could also be a problem with a fuse or relay on the heater circuit. Again, not a real difficult problem to solve.

Now, to specifically answer your question. I'm not familiar with the inspections in New Jersey, however just fixing the P1135 code will not cause the check engine light to stay off because there are other unrelated codes. If the code P1135 was causing the other problems then perhaps fixing that code would fix the others, but that's not the case here. The reality is you'll need to have all the problem areas looked at (IAT sensor, MAF sensor, Air/fuel ratio sensor) and repaired in order for your engine light to stay off. Normally if there are codes stored a vehicle cannot pass inspection. I would get a second opinion from another local mechanic as what you've been told may not be 100% correct. Good luck with your Avalon's engine light codes.