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Saturn Engine Light Codes2001 Saturn L200 Engine Light Code P0440


2001 Saturn L200 My Saturn l200 (2.2L Engine)with 229,000 miles, has a repetitive P0440 code. I have already ruled out he gas cap and I have visually checked the EVAP lines from the engine to the gas tank heat shield without finding any problems.

What else can I do to fix this problem without having to go to the dealer and have a smoke test done? By the way, In the summer when the car is started up, sometimes, it will smell like gas outside of and near the back of the car.

Pete from Akron, OH


Hi Pete. The P0440 code is a generic one, it's OBD-II description is Evaporative Emission Control System Malfunction. It's important to note that that doesn't necessarily mean there is a leak in the hoses (like you might see with a P0442 for example). A smoke test isn't a bad idea though...

Basically what the DTC code is telling you is there is some sort of malfunction in the system. Typically the problem will be with the EVAP purge valve (solenoid), also LDP on Dodge vehicles, and sometimes the charcoal canister or yes, the gas cap. When you say you've ruled out the gas cap, what does that mean? Typically only OEM replacement gas caps perform the best. Many a time have I heard of an aftermarket cap causing trouble codes. If the cap is good, you'll want to check out that purge valve, it's usually located near the gas tank. If you're smelling gas near the back of the car I'm thinking that is the culprit. Get your hands on a quality repair manual and check that out next. Good luck!

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